We're matched!

We are matched!!

Our dossier was “logged in” to the CCCWA system on January 8th. Later that afternoon, I received a phone call from our agency. “Now that you’re logged in, we can send you referrals!”

I thought, “Great! Thanks for the call!”

But she continued, “There’s a little boy…”

Wait.. what??? Already???

She told me about Xin Yu. He’ll be 2 in March. He’s in Henan. Would we like to learn more about him?

Of course!

We took time to talk and pray and consider - but we knew he was ours. We officially said yes two days later and then anxiously waited for China to say “yes” to us!

Because our dossier had just been logged in, it hadn’t been through the whole review process yet. We had to wait for them to translate and review it before we received our letter of acceptance.

We got confirmation on February 13th that our LOA was coming in the mail and that gave us the confidence in the process to tell everyone about our precious son. On February 15th, we saw a scan of our actual LOA and we’ll receive it in the mail next week.

We are thrilled and so, so, so thankful that we have confirmation that he is ours and we will be his. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Next steps are filling out more paperwork, preparing for travel, and preparing our home for him! We don’t know yet when exactly we will travel but we anticipate May. We’ll go to China for about 17 days. We will meet him on Day 4(ish) and we’ll immediately take custody of him. Then we have to wait for more paperwork and government processes before we get to bring him home. We can’t wait!

In the spirit of sharing a Disney song that relates to our feelings... here's "Almost There" from Princess and the Frog. :)