Home Study Complete!

We just got done sitting with Natasha, our social worker from ABI, and Dave, our friend who has been notarizing for us - they signed and notarized multiple copies of our home study!

This feels like a big milestone - but just 1 milestone among many. Next, we need to get everything certified and authenticated (which means I have to take the notarized documents to the county clerk who has to certify that the notary is real, then take those documents to the Secretary of State who will certify that the county clerk is real, then we have to send them to the State Department for them to certify that the Secretary of State is real, then they have to go to the Embassy. Then, they come back to us and go (along with many other documents) to Colorado to CCAI, our placement agency.

It feels so good to have this step completed though - so much closer to bringing home a child!