Andy & jamie

We've had a lot of adventures together in our 6+ years of marriage, but this is our greatest adventure yet - starting a family!

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Andy (according to jamie)

Andy is the funniest and most quick-witted person I've ever met. He is an amazing teammate - he always has my back. I love his values and how he stands for equality and justice. He is super loyal, caring, and generous. He loves his friends and family fiercely.

He delights in making grand gestures and always keeps me on my toes with surprises.

He's going to be an amazing dad because he has so much love and wisdom to pour into a child. (And science knowledge. I think airplanes are magic and he'll be able to explain to our child how they actually work.)



Jamie (according to andy)

Jamie sees magic every day. Even though she keeps our home running in order and is grounded, she finds joy in the little things which makes her find whimsy in the routine tasks. She is a loyal friend and cheerleader for others' success. Jamie pushes me to be better than I thought possible and always encourages me to follow my heart and dreams.

She loves expressing herself through design, art, and crafts. She pours herself into new adventures every day.

She will be an amazing and caring mom because she longs to create wonder and a loving, safe environment for our child. She is already my greatest friend and teammate and she can't wait to add another to our team.


Lucy (our best friend)

We brought her home in January of 2012 and she changed our lives forever! She is the best cuddler and she can't wait to have a little buddy join us.