Our next adventure Begins now!

Faith, trust, and pixie dust... we are adopting a little boy from China! We matched with our son on January 8th, 2018 and we anticipate traveling in May 2018 to bring him home.

Learn more about our adoption through the menu items above and keep up with our adventure as we work toward adding this little mouseketeer to our family.

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Our Timeline (So far)

2/21/17 - Applied to CCAI (our placement agency) and ABI (our homestudy agency)

2/23/17 - CCAI application approved

3/1/17 - ABI application approved

3/13/17 - First Home Study Interview

3/28/17 - Jamie’s Home Study Interview

4/8-4/9/17 - Attended Empowered to Connect Conference

4/24/17 - Andy’s Home Study Interview

5/25/17 - Final Home Study Visit

7/10/17 - First draft of Home Study received

7/24/17 - Completed 12 hours of Parent Training

8/22/17 - Home Study Completed and Notarized!

9/6/17 - Documents mailed to courier for the State Department and Chinese Embassy

9/9/17 - Announced our adoption plans!

9/11/17 - Immigration application sent

9/18/17 - Immigration application rejected! Accidentally used an old form.

9/18/17 - Sent the right immigration application

9/26/17 - Immigration application accepted!

9/29/17 - Documents returned from State Department and Chinese Embassy! Thank you to our courier, Caring Hands!

10/6/17 - Received our fingerprinting appointments

10/10/17 - 88 dossier pages photocopied to be turned into CCAI!

10/12/17 - The majority of our dossier documents have been mailed to CCAI! The only thing we're missing is our immigration approval which will take quite awhile still.

10/16/17 - Fingerprinted! One step closer to having our immigration paperwork approved

10/17/17 - Dossier (everything except the I-800A immigration approval) checked into CCAI Atlanta

12/1/17 - After a 71 day wait, we finally got our I-800A approval! Sent it right off to a courier in DC who will notarize it and do the whole sealing process for us. It will be sent directly to CCAI after it has been notarized, authenticated by the Secretary of State, the State Department, and the Chinese Embassy. 

12/26/17 - Our dossier is complete! It is now moving to translation.

12/29/17 - Dossier mailed to China!!

1/4/18 - Our dossier was delivered to the CCCWA!

1/8/18 - We're logged in!! That means we're officially eligible to be matched!!

1/8/18 - SURPRISE! We receive the photos and files of a little boy named Xin Yu who instantly captured our hearts. We are shocked and so grateful to have received a match on Day 1!

1/10/18 - Sent our Letter of Intent to adopt Xin Yu!

1/19/18 - Our dossier has been translated by the CCCWA. It now moves into review and we wait for China to approve us.

2/13/18 - Received word that China has said "yes" to us and we can officially move forward with adopting Xin Yu!

2/14/18 - Told the world about our son - Elias Lyle XinYu!

2/15/18 - Received our Letter of Acceptance to sign and send back.

2/21/18 - Our I800 paperwork was received at USCIS. We are waiting on approval.

4/2/18 - I800 approval!!! It took extra long because they said we didn't send an original signature on a form and there was a 2 week delay to an accreditation issue with our agency. (Long story!)

4/9/18 - GUZ issued and RTF received

4/10/18 - Documents delivered to the US consulate in Guangzhou

4/24/18 - Article 5 Pick Up